News for customers Redur Group(COVID-19)

We are aware of the impact that potentially has on your business the effects caused by the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Therefore, in case that your Company can continue with the activity, in whole or partially, consider that from Redur Group we will be all possible in our hands to continue providing our services on a regular basis.

We are experiencing complex moments for our businesses and families, and for this reason, today more than ever, due to our social and humanitarian commitment we must ensure the correct supply for your business and for the population in general, every one of our more than 2000 employees will give their best in order to accompany you in this difficult trip.

Below, the most relevant points that could affect to your business:

Hygiene and safety measures

Redur Group has taken the necessary preventive actions in order to protect the health of our employees and customers. Infection is only possible person by person, it’s never through the merchandise, so the measures taken are focused to follow up the OMS recommendations in terms of hygiene and prevention, providing to our employees all the resources to avoid any infection. You will see, as an example, that all our drivers will be equipped with masks and gloves during the delivery process.

Transport services:

Since the transport of pharmaceutical products to hospitals, health centres and pharmacies is an important part of our business, our transport Service is considered as essential transport, and this is why Redur will continue providing regular services of collections and deliveries in all of our 64 depots.

We will collect regularly in our warehouse and we will deliver to all your customer/consignees that remains open, in Spain, Portugal and rest of Europe.

However, we must consider, that the regular daily operations that Redur may provide next days will be subject to the Government special regulations, which declared last Friday the State of Alarm. In case of any relevant event occurs, that prevent the regular services in any specific area, we will inform you immediately.

To ensure a optimal Service, it is really important, that before giving us a shipment, you ensure that your client/consignee will be available for the reception of this shipment, in order to avoid on hold shipments in our depots.

In case of any doubt, please contact with your manager, key account or directly with me through my email, and we will do whatever is in our hands to support you.

Lots of encouragement!!!

David Espert
Sales Manager.