A journey through
our history

An overview of our company history, from our origins marked by effort, commitment and humbleness.

Angel Lozano, Founder of the Redur Group.

Angel Lozano begins work driving a second hand lorry he bought with the money he got from a small harvest of wheat.

Opening of the first branch office in Zaragoza

Angel buys a company in Zaragoza with just one employee, begins to provide regional distribution services for a few clients .

Creation of our own network of hubs & depots

We begin our nationwide expansion, opening our own hubs & depots all over the country.

First express road service Madrid-Zaragoza.

We open our second branch office in Madrid. We become pioneers in providing 24 hour services in both cities, allowing us to start to work with large scale clients from the automobile spare parts sector and the cosmetic sector.

Official launch of Redur as a brand name.

Once our own network has been consolidated all over Spain, Redur is launched as a new brand. The name means “urgent network”, making our characteristic new green logo well known. We have been using the same logo for thirty years.

Inauguration of our logistics centre.

We materialise our company vision with the launch of the Algete (Madrid) project, where we built our headquarters which was to become the largest private logistics park in Spain.

Founding of Redur Portugal.

Founding of Redur Portugal, with just two staff members, a 100 M2 warehouse in Lisbon and tons of illusion… and history repeats itself.

Creation of the Redur Logistics Service.

Creation of the Redur Logistics Service, with a clear vocation for providing the same differential value we place on every shipment, Redur logistics and storage operations operate in an area of over 100,000 M2 dedicated to our clients.

Launch of international Transport Service.

We found Eurodis, the European urgent parcel and pallet distribution network. Today we cover over 30 countries each day.

Launch of the Farma 15-25 despatch service.

Launch of the Farma 15-25 transport service after five years of heavy investment, adaptation of the hubs & depots, vehicles and processes, in order to comply with GDP regulations, five years after its launch, Pharma 15-25 represents 35% of the group’s total business figure.

We obtain the TAPA safety certificate.

We obtain the TAPA certificate’s most restrictive modality FSR1.

Second generation of the Lozano family

Successful transition to next generation comes true; Raul and Alberto Lozano take control of the company as as Executive Chairman and Managing Director, respectively.

New times, new image for Redur.

After two years work, we launch our new logo, brand image, website and Maia, the new management tool for clients.

We continue marching on towards the future.

After 40 years, we are marching on towards a better, more digital and sustainable, greener future.