Maia, the smart tool
to manage
your shipments

Discover the innovative user-friendly tool to manage your shipments.


The tool which makes your shipment management easy

Manage and ship your orders in a simple and intuitive way

  • Individual or mass shipping document.
  • Keep your master address book updated.
  • Control your shipping history.
  • Print your labels and request delivery via the system.

Trace and solve any incident in real time

  • Track & trace your shipment.
  • Geo-location of deliveries or incidents.
  • Access to photos of incidents.
  • Integrated ticket management system.

Manage your
pharmaceutical shipments

  • You can motorize your products’ temperature all through the entire transport process at ten-minute intervals, from pick-up to final delivery.
  • Trace and temperature control.
  • Set-up parameters for control alarms, adapted to your business strategy.
  • Access to all temperature graphics for Pharma 15-25 shipments.

Save all your shipments relevant information

  • Access to get economic cost of each shipment.
  • Access to your invoice’s history.
  • Customize information reports you want to receive.
  • Possibility to have different users with different access profiles.