We believe in
transportation respectful
with the planet

We look after the environment in order to return to society part of what we get from society.

We work from

an environmentally friendly management, responsible with people and nature.

We have one of the largest photovoltaic facilities on roof in Spain.

The solar facility is on the roof of our logistics hub in Madrid and it is made of a total 9.665 panels able to supply 2.2 MW

We care for
our environment

Photovoltaic panels
CO2 emmissions compensated

Measuring of carbon footprint

Within or ERP we have developed a specific module to calculate carbon dioxide CO2 footprint and other noxious gases, so that we track and report emissions per customer, consignee, route.

Green route

At Redur we have designed and implemented plans for CO2 emissions reduction by means of internal fleet optimization, lifelong staff training, minimize electric power consumption and other consumables, as well as procuring GLP fueled vehicles for linehaul connections between our hubs and depots.