Integral logistics

We made available for our customers a wide range of possibilities for storage and integral logistics.

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Integral logistics and goods storage

At Redur, we give you a wide range of complementary transport and integral logistics services, providing added value to our main activity.
Authorised customs warehouse control

This company is authorised to operate within the area under customs control, where the goods are not liable to payment of import rights; this is used particularly in cases where the importer does not know the final destination of the goods and for the same operations as in the free zone. Maximum length of time goods can remain here is five years.

We manage the process of entry of goods in the warehouse, from unloading and identification of the goods to placement in the logistics warehouse. All these processes are carried out by radiofrequency despatching.

We control all the physical and administrative processes for distribution of goods from the moment they leave a company until it arrives to the consumer.

To guarantee the very best conditions and safety for products, we store goods at our logistics warehouse for a period of time specified by the client.

At Redur, we guarantee that the stock is in good condition and available. We check parity between the physical and accounting systems.

Our system can use FIFO (first in, first out) and FEFO (first expired, first out) control techniques, which has permanent control of expiry dates, dispatching those first received and first to expire.

With our picking service, we collect the at location in order to prepare it.

With our packing service, pack the product and get it ready for despatch so it will reach the final client in the best possible condition.

At our hubs and warehouses, we manage reception operations and on-going sorting for those loads which require direct shipping to final customers; no temporary storing is required.

Our team manages all goods entering our logistics warehouse which are for same day dispatch.

At Redur we take care of returns process, from product entry to product identification and checking.

At Redur we offer the possibility of integrating any client IT system into our own IT system.

At Redur we offer the possibility of renting space in our logistics warehouses so that customer can carry out his own activity with his own resources.