Farma 15-25

Pharma & Healthcare exclusive transport and delivery service for pharmaceutical products under controlled temperature.


Special deliveries

We offer all sort of special services, taking into account customer´s needs and transport conditions.

Manage your pharmaceutical shipments with Maia

Discover the innovative user-friendly tool to manage your shipments.

Trace the status of your shipments

Trace your pharma products shipments visualizing their status, manage all relevant information including temperature, create your own delivery address agenda for future shipments and a lot more.

Trace and temperature control

With MAIA you can motorize your products’ temperature all through the entire transport process at ten-minute intervals, from pick-up to final delivery.

Access all the information

Save all the documents referring to your shipments and manage your invoices easily and safely, access available from various user profiles.

Additional services for Farma 15-25 shipments

Discover our wide range of complementary services for transport of pharmaceutical products.
COD-Cash on Delivery

We manage for you your product payment on delivery, so that customer’s cash is safe and fast

For shipments where both the client and hauler have to sign the docket, you can get a digital copy of it, available for download 24 hours after delivery.

Simplification of the printing process for dockets for goods, simple and automatic process thanks to the packing list.

Ad-hoc coverage to provide protection against physical loss or damage to your goods during their transport.

For shipments requiring customs clearance, we manage the entire process.

Maximum dimensions and weight